Thursday, April 26, 2012

TACOS-N-TARTAR (inspired by past nightly trips to Jack-in-the-Box)

i luv tartar sauce

The Jack-in-Box lady
says "Hey you're the tartar sauce man"
a man with a plan
no deviled ham
he's the tartar sauce man, he don't want no Spam
cuz he's gotta master plan
tartar sauce man
he likes tacos-n-tartar
cuz they make him smarter
that's right tacos-n-tartar
and they'll give free water
with his nightly tacos-n-tartar
no need to barter
for tacos-n-tartar
only he gets smarter
with his tacos-n-tartar
at Jack-n-Box
that server rocks
on her block
she gives a midnight snack
no men in black with spooky hats
just cruise on thru
we don't have no bats
for tacos-n-tartar
maybe you'll get some smarter
if u try a little harder
for tacos-n-tartar

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