Sunday, April 29, 2012


House on a hill. House on a hill
Hecka' hecka'
House on a hill. House on a hill.
Hecka' hecka'
hecka' hecka'

phil gotta house on a hill
with those pills from DeVille
mother-humpin' Jill
in a house on a hill
a house on a hill
hecka' hecka'
hecka' hecka'

get Deville
to show you the chill
in Phil's house on a hill
a house on a hill
I found Deville
doin' Dill
in Phil's house on a hill
his house on a hill
Hecka' hecka
hecka' hecka'

hecka' hecka'

and how long can u
can u
sit still, sit still
how long can u
can u
sit still, sit still
wait til a thrill
take a pill
go and chill
on the hill
sit still sit still
hecka' hecka'
can u can u!?

hecka' hecka'
hecka' hecka'

How long can u
sit still sit still
chillin' with ur frills
and a little trill
up at the hill
sit still sit still
can u, can u
they take a pill
have a thrill
then count dem' bills
sit still, sit still hecka'
hecka' hecka' sit
sit hecka' sit still sit
hecka' hecka'

hecka' hecka...

Friday, April 27, 2012


Flowers to Laverne
put in my perm
buy an urn
for the fern
make it churn
then you'll burn
flowers to earn
for Laverne
make that turn
with con-kern
kernels burn
who has returned
from some turn
with Laverne.
Did the county earn
your return
when you spurned
with Laverne?

Thursday, April 26, 2012


On ice
with mice
think twice
roll dice
then splice
eat rice
get lice
live twice, then thrice
new dice
you're rice
your mice
got lice
they've lived twice
now thrice ur pice
at what price
in love with ice
containing mice
on lice
undice, unsplice
no twice no thrice
outta ice

TACOS-N-TARTAR (inspired by past nightly trips to Jack-in-the-Box)

i luv tartar sauce

The Jack-in-Box lady
says "Hey you're the tartar sauce man"
a man with a plan
no deviled ham
he's the tartar sauce man, he don't want no Spam
cuz he's gotta master plan
tartar sauce man
he likes tacos-n-tartar
cuz they make him smarter
that's right tacos-n-tartar
and they'll give free water
with his nightly tacos-n-tartar
no need to barter
for tacos-n-tartar
only he gets smarter
with his tacos-n-tartar
at Jack-n-Box
that server rocks
on her block
she gives a midnight snack
no men in black with spooky hats
just cruise on thru
we don't have no bats
for tacos-n-tartar
maybe you'll get some smarter
if u try a little harder
for tacos-n-tartar

Monday, April 23, 2012


They've gotta spirit in their apple
yeah yeah
spirit in their apple
yeah yeah
oh whoa oha! whoa!
oha! whoa!
a spirit in the apple
yeah yeah
spirit in the apple
oh whoa oha!

it's takin' my tummy
say what! say what!
I said it's takin my tummy!
uh huh!
stealin my stomach and on the run
darn ghostin' in my stomach
ghostin in my stomach
oh whoa oh oh!

They've gotta spirit in their apple
spirit in their apple
oh whoa oha! whoa!
oha! whoa!
a spirit in the apple!
spirit in the apple!

you've gotta a robber in ur stomach
a robber in ur stomach
oh whoa oha oh!
takin ur tummy on the run

go back to the tree
yeah, yeah
go back to the tree
yeah, yeah
say ur apple stole my stomach
ur apple stole my stomach
call him back please!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Fantaroid, Fantaroid
a whole days of fotographin'
oh boy he's a fantaloin
and he fotograph
and he was a bubble-maker
he's trouble now

Fantaloy, Fantaloin
Fantaloins-he's got
come on with me
you know you're gonna be comin' with me
doo-de-da-doo-doo-de ah ha la ah ha!

and he was a foto-maker and he was fantaloin
and a fotograph and a bubble-maker with another foto-maker
he's trouble now

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Ur a Hopgoblin, you've got different parts
ur a hopgoblin
comprised of different parts
been on the motorway
you'll make ur way with wheat-man
he's got a plan cuz ur a hopgoblin
comprised of different parts

a hopgoblin, you're very smart
no tart, no suga' for ur park
ur the hopgoblin
made up of different parts

BLACK-CREAM HANDS (a rap-jingle)

Dark cream hands a family Ram
2 horns plus 1 that ain't no fun
tag-a-long tag-a-long uh-huh uh-huh
tag-a-long tag-a-long no fun no fun

rubbin' it on the hands
black man with a black can
just stay in the can and put it on the hands
he's a family man with a battering ram
and a three-pronged party
makin' a dark creamed land
get ridda' the plan wipin' crap out ur hands

gettin general Lee we'll get mr. General Lee
gettin ridda Aunt Bea and her fleas
just make a clean sweep while playn' peep
peepin' at u makin that dew! u gonna catch that flu
mixin dew with that foo
just a sweet-smack ass nothin else to do
make that ass do what u do, with some dew but who is who?
you gotta get er back with that ass and dewy-dew betta yet get yo'self mr. Huey Bleu
you! gotta get some clue for that foo take their ass with some grass
public societal crime u can't do that time
u betta off blow that shine make er look like that crime
criminal criminal, man criminal

ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha
ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha
ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha...


Dream Toast, ur toastin'
ur movin somethin
ur toasted now
for good, for good
oh dream toastin'!
hi-way madness roastin'

ur in the nut house
with a concrete spouse
ha! he! ah ha! he! yay!

grape strawberry choosy
oh burnt dreams
smashing apricots-toasted
and burnt on the dream toastin
and a highway got broken
driving dry is a lo-fat cry
dark black dream toasted
and up 2 no good
and probably from da hood
Naw, he's justa dream-toastin'
sure a helluva roastin'
with some dream-toastin
we'll make it all good even in the hood
with worldy dream toastin'
unabashedly hostin'


Cars in a jam, ur cars' in a jam
you've got the county plan
cuz ur car is in a jam
whoa, county-state ham
let's make a plan
cars in a jam
cars in a jam

oh down at county-land
we've taken off the hand
you're now doin' it with Peter Pan
in Tomato land

Where ya gonna land huh!?
where ya gonna land huh! huh?

Tomatoe, Tomato
you say you say?


candy breaker, hearts-staker
he's soon gonna cake her

don't shake then bake
stake the make
eat steak-doll-staker

he's a heart fulla' jaw breakers
he's doll maker
but when is he going to shake her
Candy-head naper and
out to lunch with Paul the baker

Oh back street maker
just go ahead and make her
doll-dater, when u gonna player?
what's up wit u playa?

oh, whoa, oh whoa...