Thursday, April 19, 2012


Dream Toast, ur toastin'
ur movin somethin
ur toasted now
for good, for good
oh dream toastin'!
hi-way madness roastin'

ur in the nut house
with a concrete spouse
ha! he! ah ha! he! yay!

grape strawberry choosy
oh burnt dreams
smashing apricots-toasted
and burnt on the dream toastin
and a highway got broken
driving dry is a lo-fat cry
dark black dream toasted
and up 2 no good
and probably from da hood
Naw, he's justa dream-toastin'
sure a helluva roastin'
with some dream-toastin
we'll make it all good even in the hood
with worldy dream toastin'
unabashedly hostin'

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